Our February meeting was held on Friday, February 9th at 1 pm at the church. We discussed "The Neighbor's Secret" by L. Alison Heller.

Our March meeting will be held on Friday, March 8th at 2 pm at the church. We will discuss "Seventy Times Seven" by Alex Mar.  We received our books from New Castle Reads, "The Violin Conspiracy" by Brendan Slocomb. This is the book we will discuss at our April meeting on Friday April 12th at 2 pm at the church.

We will attend the event with the author on April 30, 2024, 7 pm at the Chase Center.  We will meet for dinner before the event.  Coming attractions include "I Know Who You Are" by Barbara Rae-Venter, "The Senator's Wife", by Liv Constantine, and "The Guest List" by Lucy Foley. And if you would like to join us and have a book to share with the club, please let me know.  A number of our recent books have come from your suggestions, please keep those coming!